developing your business

At Pro-Law we offer businesses support from inception onwards. It is important that once your business is set up, that it continues to develop. These are some of the services that we can offer your business to help it grow and develop, in the way that you want it to:


  • Drafting a Terms of Business or other contractual documents
  • Drafting bespoke contracts, for staff or suppliers
  • Advise on taking on new members of staff
  • Creating employment policies and handbooks
  • Advising on Data Protection issues
  • Advising on Intellectual Property (IP) management. This includes the protection of trademarks, patents and designs that are integral to your business. 
  • Advising and drafting shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Advising on business acquisition  to help develop your business further
  • Advising on the sale of businesses, helping to plan for retirement or the change of ownership
 If we can help with any of these services, then do please get in contact here.