Important information

What we are not (technical but important stuff)

  • We are not solicitors!

Our director, Ian Mason, does however have over 40 years’ experience of legal practice in solicitors’ firms, as well as similar experience acting as a trustee of three charities and many years’ of business experience, including as a non-executive director in a group of companies.

There are however various specific protections that clients have when dealing with a regulated solicitors practice, that we do not provide. The main differences are:

  • We are not subject to any regulatory body like the Solicitors Regulation Authority
  • There is no formal external complaints process such as the Legal Ombudsman. However, we do have an internal complaints handling procedure and our hope is that, if there were cause for any complaint, it will be dealt with to your satisfaction. We also have  have an alternative dispute resolution procedure in place, should a complaint not be resolved by discussion between us. 
  • The advice we give may not be protected by “legal professional privilege” in the same way that advice from solicitors would be. This might be important if you expect to be in a Court dispute with someone in connection with the advice we give. 

If any of the above may be of concern to you, then do feel free to contact us for further information. Please note that in November 2019 arrangements for the regulation of solicitors and their practices are changing, which will mean that we are then able to offer the services of a solicitor from that point forward.

  • Our office is not yet staffed 9am-5pm five days a week

Being a family friendly firm and wishing to support a healthy work life balance for our staff, we all work on a part-time basis which means that there will be times of day and days in the week where there may not be a member of staff available to take a call immediately. We will however return your call as soon as possible and in case of a real emergency, you may call Ian Mason on 07889 156859.

You can also request a call-back. We can then arrange a conversation with the appropriate person at a mutually convenient time. 

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