Pro-law for business

Recent research has shown that small and medium-sized enterprises often fail to take expert legal advice when they should, for fear of the cost and a feeling that either they can “do it ourselves” or they think “I’m sure it will be alright”.

We want to demolish that obstacle if we can!

We can provide a range of fixed-price services covering  the basic needs of business clients: whether it’s at the formation stage (for example business structure, shareholder agreements, terms of business) or developing the business (for example taking on / promoting staff, acquiring business property by lease or purchase, bespoke commercial contracts, buying / selling a business, confidentiality and intellectual property management).

Or if you need a friendly, impartial person to sit with you in board meetings, whether or not as a board member, speak to us about our consultancy services, which we can provide on a retainer basis.

We are not VAT-registered, so if your business isn’t VAT registered you will see an immediate saving as against a legal services provider that is!